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3 reasons to be addict to DIY travels…(10 sec.)

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Authenticity & local connection bring vibes

and pretty lessons of life



Authentic trip is …share

The way we travel is not neutral on the environment we visit, people we meet or discuss with.

There are many ways to do a DIY trip, for sure.

After saying that, the question is : “i feel like attending to local daily life, confront myself to the reality, discover the living condition of the residents, and try to reduce the cultural and material gap between them and me, whichever it is out there.”

Or: ” do i prefer to take advantage of a journey to see as much unmissable sightseeings as recommended, and no time to see the real pace of local life, to meet the resident here.”

Sometimes, we feel changing from one formula to another, sometimes, we just don’t conceive changing our way of traveling.

We, the community, bet that this could be the case by trying an authentic trip of your own, just once…not only a new destination you should discover but coming along a whole new sphera of yourself. This should be your personal experience.


Authentic trip is… using local means



What is authentic ? Everything that is not artificial, superficial, or improper to a certain place. On the contrary, this is everything not fake or developed for foreign visitors’ purpose at short term, but in the long-run too.

By instance, we prefer a local breakfast on-the-go in an open-air market to a quiet continental one in the lobby of a hotel, the savors of a home-cooked meal, or street food or even local family restaurants to the hotel buffet, often included in the prices of all-inclusive formulas….The idea is to confront the true insight life as if you simply were resident…of course as far as possible, as much as possible, depending of the possibilities and facilities at destination.



Long-term action!


Figure your posting RoadMap for trip as a durable way to write your souvenirs for ever, to make them live regards an alive community which needs your know-where, and of course know-how.

  1. For travelling authors, this community is a social network of passionates, a durable picture albums, an accomplishment with a lot of gratifying as a forever closed paper album.You promote your route with the approach you desire, mainly visual pictures and your own descriptions and emotion, or storytelling… There is no restrictions explaining the true circumstances of a picture, is it ?
  2. You are in the skin of an insider, and the eyes of future travelers on your steps in a foreign destination.
  3. Up now, for the Traveler, even solo, even woman solo, there is no physical nor psychological limit anymore to your dreams of trip. Just report to a trip already experienced, but not all the manners to live it have been exhausted. This is the start for your new durable and responsible habits of trip, supported by our community.

Don’t ask yourself where an authentic trip experience could happen… Ask when.


This is what the community is all about !


We all get a trip inside of us, a whish or a passed one…

So, if we could share and explicit each trip we’ve done to each other, we could be million-rich of trips, of tips, would save money

and dedicate them to other priorities, we could open new routes and avoid classic traps that unfortunatly wait for new visitors…

Sharing is …the traveler certainly feels like discuss with you and let themselves convince for the 5% last before selecting. Giving friendly useful information is welcome at this stage of preparation, as a friend mentor would do with benevolence.

You could share your enthousiasm, ideas, your tips for booking flights or hotels, and other official tricks you have used by youself {and of course, that are not already written in your RoadMap+}.

According to the availability of the author of the trip post, and the level of kind correlated optional services to his RoadMap+, the traveler may need a short discussion with the author of the post (the “xpert“), or have a brief meeting at destination with a resident (the “insider“), or being welcome by him at the airport, or have a friendly check “ok” with him, or being guided in local life by him, or keep in touch with him for any major event or local news, as a person you may know locally would do at different step of your journey in his area.




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