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This community has only good reasons to exist !

We are a community of frequent travelers, who had the following questions in mind & tried to find solutions.


A lot of WHY…


Why shouldn’t anyone have “free” access to any point of the world ? Why purchasing packages with professionals or agencies for rigid or semi-rigid formulas where you are not free to change itinerary during the journey and according your mood at the right moment ?

Why should we pay for the same main-stream routes (generally the route of the “unmissable” or “the Top 10” in one determined destination) as they seem to run-out not really brand-new, but rather in a recycling model, anyway. Most of the time, these lead to more or less overcrowded sightseeings, and are served to millions of travelers before you.

As you purchase a private stuff which fits to your mood or personality, wouldn’t be the same for something so punctual and private experience than travels ? Why isn’t it easier to find at least a travel like you, except spending a lot of time on it ? Listen, sometimes it is a real pleasure, but sometimes, you have a last minute opportunity and… :o(  ?

Why is it possible to book a flight and fly within the 22 next hours, to book an hotel and check-in within the 30 minutes, but not getting the information before and during the stay when you need it for explorating as a local ?

Are you a frequent flyer used to last minute decided trips for 3 days off ?  You become exhausted because of the time spent in booking THE right flight, and THE right hotel for THIS week-end ? Why is it not easier to have an insight about the to-do and the to-see, according to your tastes of course ?… Hm ?

Tell me quick


A lot of What if

cropped-DABtNs2skqk.pngWhat if i choose an authentic travel ?Should i pay more lke in many marketplaces online ?

What if local stuff and structures are not less accessible as they seem to be to the travelers ?

What if I could master the money flows by myself without intermediates and be assured the locals directly earn my money. Authenticity shouldn’t be a matter of paying more but a fair price, and lean (which doesn’t mean cheap).

And what if i am not really a “routard(e)”, if i like to choose a comfortable hotel during my stay in wild camping, if i mix up rental cars and public transportations ?

And overall if i don’t necessarly carry on a heavy 60L bag on my bag but a smart luggage all over the world with me ? Am I supposed not to widely camp outside some nights and be condamned to stay in 5 stars-hotels with all-inclusive buffets, cut from the real local life out there ? I am interested in solutions

The answer is there is solutions and all the ready new technologies…Just WORK on IT


DABtYFd16PAWe are a collaborative platform for trips planned by one’s self and we let planning and localization tools available to make do-it-yourself trips accessible.

“Let’s liberate the travel is our motto.”

And MORE THAN THAT…we propose ready-to-use roadmaps as jumpboards to your next travels…Avoid time traps and take this as a jumboard that you can refer to at anytime, follow step by step if you want… And more : you add your own favorite forseen spots before or during the journey, according to your mood on the right place, at the right time. Don’t stay in your hotel room anymore !  More here

By the other side, any travelers like you can join us after subscription, write itineraries with funny tools, create his own piece of travelbook, durably save it, & post them on the website.

Easy, simple, already tested for you.If travelers get in touch with you, you can forward  them your travel support & details for free or paid amount. More than that, you can grant them few minutes for a session of Questions & Answers for free or paid amount, depending of the destination. This is a mentoring session and you keep your travel souvenirs alive !


You should love the concept of ready-to-use roadmaps as author or as future travelers !

sky-night-clouds-blue-largeNo matter to heavy-touristic destinations, islands, further authentic horizons, close, far, West or East… Our basic premise is that “anybody deserve a tailor-made experience of travel”. It means at any scale of budget and any level of do-it-yourself trip, female or male, whichever culture and place of birth.

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