How can i g get local connection quick (5 sec)

Me, adventurous in trips ? Well… what i like is local connection…that is just life and vibes as they go !

You don’t need to be black belt in do-it-yourself trip to feel starting vibes of adventure while traveling a planned trip of your own.


Just…don’t stay back of the local dailylife and be curious about what happen around the next corner ! All the easier to follow with our roadmaps and travel services where the objective is to go slow and let the meeting with locals operate.

cropped-DABtUAAVy_c-2.pngAdventure starts with Thinking out of the box

Adventure in Draw me A Trip’s meaning is the action to think, then undertake something you don’t get used doing, starting with …publishing some pages of your latter travelbook, writing down anecdotes to inspire future travelers is a part of adventure.

Candidates for departure can read your summary, and can fall in love in your itinerary and the way you expose it. When they decide to adopt your route, they become adventurers in their turn, and walk in your steps.

On the other hand, as future traveler you could feel like living your trip for once, with peace of mind for preparations and journey, instead of (cross th box, according to you…) :

# Comparing an average of 4 guiding-tour operators online finding only fixed days, determined durations. None circuit suits you really…

#Reading 3 guide books on the topic, but at least, you stay with a great confusion with one thousand of possible stopping places, one hundred itineraries to figure out…

#Building up your roadmap takes time…and despite many remarks written as “it was perfect” or “we were desappointed” for the same sightseeing, you stay alone with your hesitation ?

 cropped-DABtT37T4yE.pngTrue adventure begins with sharing stuff about trips done or to-do


Leave the books behind, ask someone who did a DIY trip before you and can testify a route, which remains flexible and you can complete of your, according to your affinities.

Your trip begins before leaving and at destination, immersion into local life allows you to feel the ambiance at local pace.

This means true human and geographical adventure from both side… Trip must be life in one word.

Your own adventure is close !

man-person-people-train-mediumOh, you’ve alrealdy gone yet ?… Happy for you !

Adventure begins when getting inspired, goes on with booking of your flights, of the lodging places, which we’ll suggest you if we think it brings a real local experience (but we don’t do advertising and prefer independancy) and of course, along with the current at destination : discovery, sharing, emotion, surprise.


DABtYHRkRu8An authentic trip is just like a beautiful cupcake in your daily life.

Should’nt be a big deal along with Draw Me a Trip, but sometimes, you just NEED it/eat !