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Travelers should read this !

Here is the place where you can find a ready-to-trip roadmap that suits you

In this C-catalog…

you can be inspired

you can select  your jumpboard to your next travel experience for FREE

you can choose an authentic checked travel itinerary

you can adjust the style of trip of your own

you can mix the level of welcome or information service you want,

you can decide when to activate the meeting with an insider at destination,

you can choose a friendly welcome at the airport and choose to fly of your own after,

you can get a debrief and save time with a validation of your stopping points by an insider,

you can be friendly kept informed in case of hot events at destination,

you can just ask for an local guiding tour,

you may get a time out with a local in social places,

you can…assembly all of the correlated optional services by a local jointly with our roadmap

you pay the right price of stuff you really use and consume, not for packaged things which you don’t use or pay by lack of time for preparation.

This is lean trip

Example of Free Roadmap Draw me trip

Complete your roadmap travel according to your personal whishes

The optional travel services are not for mass-tourism purpose. They must be  individual-scale supports, in order to bring to the traveler a support whenever he/she feels like.

The aim of the community is to brighten the DIY trip and to help the trip experience of immersion as much as possible. The traveler should have a guide tour or an airport HUGH! for a general explanation or sightseeing in order to quickly become autonomous. When moving across the country, the traveler could let validate changed steps of the journey, or inform about his/her next step and receive the adequate local information.

Airport HUGH! Oman Sultanate

Draw me trip

Use our roadmaps and proposals as jumpboard and launch yourself with optional nets, according to your wishes, needs of autonomy and freedom.

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