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Formentera : ever hippy corner

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Formentera, where is that island …?

No really accessible from the airport

As most of tourists stick to Majorca & Ibiza, Formentera is a little jewel 30 min away after lovely boat trip… A visit during 1 day ? Surely not !  …. Better minimum 3 days to catch this special hippie’s landscape & spirit. No airport, no direct access from any European city, this island is wrongly neglected and alone is worth.Get it now

You think there is nothing to do on this tiny island ?….

Here, the traveler enjoys simple natural things & autonomy always close to the natural elements, sea, sun and sand.

The traveler must figure out this is the last forteress against mass-tourism and consuming world in the Mediterranean Sea.

No disco and loudly nightlife and…no regret, I stayed 5 days and came back with a new vision of pace of life in a very busy city like Paris !  And I am proud to present you this preserved jewel where travelers and really learn how to behave like hippies on beaches.

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