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Ibiza : on the hippy road again

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A trip to busy international Ibiza ? Let wander as hippies did, not lost in main-stream routes !

Ibiza’s nightlife is part of his hippy history

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Say, the world music has turned into electro music rather than discos and rocks, but “discos” as the happy few call them, remain the pole attractions of the worldwide tourists, who come to feel what this little island has so special. The Privilege and Pacha have been existing since the 60s by the way. Only the music has changed and the DJs have become the stars, and perhaps people have become more shy.


A mixture of benevolence, tolerance and “let it be”…stuff !

The girls and young women are dressed with knitted white dresses or tops after beach time… Have long hair and flower as crown…Call it the spirit of “flower power“.

Now the activities all around the music have turned into a true industry and has allowed the development of accommodation, rentals, and fooding where the early or latter hyppies don’t recognize themselves anymore… That is the reason why, you should find the must in Ibiza, next to the worst, depending the place, the public targetted. Wander within Ibiza but don’t lose yourself, ge the RoadMap+ you won’t regret it.


Ibiza is still one amazing beautiful corner where to wander solo or in couple…out of high season !

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The beauty of its different places in the county and the coast worth it for a sole DIY trip.  The condition to make a visit with peace on mind is to see Ibiza of the off-beaten tracks compared with millions of tourists coming for nightlife and unfortunatly passing by real confidential treasuries and natural beauties

So, make a good selection of these places, because you generally won’t have much time to go around the diversified aspects of the island.

This renowned island in musical and derivated hippy fashion world without wasting time and most of all without useless tourist traps ?… Totally possible !

Don’t forget that hippies didn’t set anywhere except in exceptional corners on the Earth…


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