Escapade in magic Sultanate of Oman

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Do-it-yourself trip through the Sultanate of Oman brings the features a traveler expects from a slow trip of contemplation…

Sultanate of Oman is a quiet Arabian wide country, on the former Silk + Spice routes that passed by Oman to Zanzibar, a former Omani counter… Just follow our roadmap

I go now !

The sultanate of Oman is a peaceful country, along the United Arabian Emirates and the Yemen in extreme South. Neverthless, its cities have kept all their authenticity and have nothing to do with the giant dimensions of the UAE’s cities, nor the record-registered skyscrapers. This is a still human-sized (in all meanings of the word) land and a confidential tourism destination.

Strechted along Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, the country is lucky as it benefits of thousands of kms of coasts, in conjonction with mountains, deserts, oasis, white or red sand dunes, wadis, canyons with green waters, swimming beaches, rocky cliffs, diving sites…, all together with bearable climates from November to April (highly recommended).

The peaceful inhabitants add an amazing dimension to this slow DIY trip

Adding with the high kindness of an English-speaking Omani population mixed with the amiability of the Indian workforce amoung the fantastic charms of this peaceful country, the traveler should wander himself in typical souqs and narrow streets of Bedouin bleds, whereas finding wide fields of oasis with agricultural bleds on the side of  roads.  Our route leads the traveler all along the Northern coast, characterized by a look-alike Arabian-Mediterranean pace of life.

Families walk on the wide beaches, surrounded with rocky mountains in the back, Bedouins camp in dunes on the roadsides around a campfire, and you may do wilderness camping as well for a complete immersion since it is allowed (and tradition) !  I get the roadmap


Mussandam Peninsula as roof of the Sultanate of Oman

Going up until the extreme North, Musandam Peninsula is an Omani enclave separated by the Arabian United Emirates you reach by ferry rather. This enclave is called thes “Arabian Norway” surrounded by vertiginous Fjords, in the middle of which one of the prettiest ports in the world, Khasab, is nested. You could widly camp in front of the fjord’s bay, watching the dolphins‘ apparition.

Welcome in one of the most peaceful and courteous populations on the whole Arabia. Get our roadmap + for this still authentic destination.

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