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I experienced travel by MYSELF & i liked it…

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How can DIY trip lift your vision of… Life ?

Trip is not only a transfer from point A to point B within a foreign destination. T r u e T R I P  brings : Self-satisfaction because you plan it yourself, Inner exultation because you do unusual meetings… with Humans, cultures and activities, sometimes weird things, Emotion as you welcome surprises as ever. Trip = Slice of life

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Lift your trip, but… remind less is M O R E

Draw Me Trip

Concretely, what should a lift trip be ? This is a way to un-cap it and not to refrain one’s self from no destination, say, with the bounds of possibility.

Less of...

You don’t wish to take part to a fixed tour in agency catalogs, or flashy red or orange online suggestions of travel you receive through spam.

– to have a fixed program within a group even it is relaxing to have it all well put together

– to travel with someone by default to share the road, but …that is all you could share with him/her, the risk is to spoil the trip of your dreams

– to spend much time reading the advices for each stuff to see, much hours to ask questions on a forum and wait for one answer, compare all the online websites of trips and make a synthesis of all the informations collected

– to full up the journey as an egg with 2 visits each half a day

– to spend time reading a lot of descriptions in the night or morning in the hotel room before going out

– to have the bad feeling to have to leave from a place you may stay longer

– to have the sensation to know everything in theory about the inhabitants without ever having communicated with them from your room

– to be lead to shops for tourists

– to receive the same travel tips and anecdots than the group before

– to see & visit exactly what they show off on the pictures on your book… It is gratifying, you did it…and so what ?

– to read it all in books or online, before and during the journey in the room before going out…

More+ of...

You would like to live the place at your own pace

– you whish to travel solo if you whish, not waiting for the charming prince or princess for going & visit now

– You feel like listening the codes of a local culture, to track the secrets of a authentic know-how

– You are never used taking the U-tube, but want to check how exotic the local transportations are ?

– You wish to know about true inhabitants’ concerns and happiness – In clear, you would like to know genuine information from authentic locals, who don’t hide the face of their dailylife, not through a filter like a professional guide (as excellent he might be) – In clear, you would like to do as insiders do…and why not, see wether it is good to set up around here…don’t you ?

In one word, don’t think it is worthy to full the journey with a maximum of museums, of giant department stores to wander in, to as many of monumental places to get inside…4 to 6 sights per day ? This is good for a record-travel, but not for us.

Let time go by as if you were an insider, and you will discover the art-of-life, features that most of visitors pass by while hurrying up and look for extra-ordinary stuff. Why not even this seems to be out-of-date and consumption-oriented.

But slowly discovering insights at your own space is one of the most interesting approach of a foreign area. Slow time is a luxury and a new feature for trips.

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New paradigm for next trip

Draw Me Trip


“True luxury in the travel…? A palace-hotel with sunbeds and massage in open-air for many visitors. Maybe, but rather feeling happy and “bigger” after having succeded in helping myself in a foreign country, and made it sharing an emotion with a stranger”…for our community !

Fortunately, internet and huge data treatment, and low-cost aircompanies have allowed a large proposal of travels. For economical concerns, these have been developped in certains areas which have turned into highly-frequented spots : the European capital cities, Asian Peninsula, North America, exotic islands in West Indies,…etc.

We DO NOT have anything against these destinations, since we propose them…say, under a different approach… Neverthless, these massive travel suggestions have lead to a behaviour of consumer-traveler, which is not our philosophy.

One more point: should you give up pearls for tourism of you don’t want to travel as millions of others ?
Answer is NO ! You can absolutly keep fantasy in highly frequented destinations – that most of the time deserve their international fame. We propose you other routes or approach which cannot be tackled in thick beautiful papercatalogs and agencies (including online). You alone have the power to take off-beaten-track ways for your journey !

For the traveler’s benefit, we see 1 advantage in mass-tourism: the lower price .

  • Thanks to our concept of new trip, and the help of wonderful travelers within our community, we offer you both: the price is entirely mastered and the authentic experience without reading that much should enrich you… So, refer to our SHOP and go authentic !

  • Reserve yourself for other routes than millions ones, follow our illustrated RoadMaps+.

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Draw Me a Trip is “do experience of lifetime on holidays…”


Many of us used to say: “I’ve been to that place, look on the pic…” or ” I have seen this place twice in my life…It is huge and impressing!”

Now thanks to our trip concept based on roadmaps, we say rather : “i felt like staying 1 day more at that place as we knew it would be the national birthday … My travel companion lead me to a street party for two hours. By joining the place, we were suprisingly invited to dance in a giant ball-trap animated by a troup of local musicians … I spent two hours learning the steps with enthousiastic dancers around, and never thought it would have been possible !… The atmosphere was so magic. I am confident i can go on dancing in class when i’ll be back home… Also, there was weird local stuff to eat, nothing to do with the hotel international food…i tasted it, so good !”

That’s what we call experience tourism or authentic. Trips are not only a transfer from point A to point B. It is a slice of lifetime when people are open-minded to extra-ordinary situations, including discovering unknown capacities of their own. That is why authentic trips give them opportunities to get out of their gold cage and set them softly in other perspectives to observe, listen, analyse, and of course meet new people and cultures, if not go to action with them. Enthousiasm does not come from discovering
new cross borders … but also from discovering new faculties and resources inside ourselves, making us grow or think much in XL.

That is how came the idea to post ready-flexible roadmaps to your benefit…

Lift trip is our whish to you!

Draw My Trip

Understand ? We reverse the paradigm of trip… you go and visit. That is not the hotel, with its local workforce or local waiter in bar or roomate who daily makes your bed you evaluate. On the contrary, if ever you get invited by a local or a family to share a meal or joint them, you win…

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