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Travel “lean” !

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While first grey clouds and rains come with end of summer, let’s take a break after fast & furious rkesuming of ordinary activities: home, work, family, duties, etc…What’s better than dreaming of next destinations ? Close/far, whatever, it makes feel one’s good !

Yeah, but the more frequent we travel, the higher the cumulated budget … Not, exactly.


What lean trip is not

  • Joining a ready-fixed program which price of it is the same for everyone, the service also, and you don’t know which part of the cost of price you paid really goes into the local guide’s pocket…
  • Staying in a half-inclusive 5 star-resort for which you pay for included entertainments you don’t have time to enjoy, as you are motivated to go out as often as possible
  • Spending time at continental breakfasts in free buffet every morning fr. 7 to 11 am ?… That is for starving people coming on holidays to eat fr. 7 to 11 am and litterally consuming holidays they paid at fixed prices (not you)
  • Using the banana speed boat in rare destinations…or renting a 4-wheel for city urban streets unless you are 8 to be transported in there.

So stick to the way locals live, as much as possible. Sometimes, it is arid, nothing happens, but it’s rare. Surprise or discovery always happen soon and reward the traveler for his curiosity and efforts.

Need ideas ?

Breakfast in local tiny cafes, and are served the local food even not very common or even weird, as local do

Lodge as much as possible in the same quarters (except if it is very painful for you, or the destination doen’t offer lodging facilities to strangers) and do the way the local do, too

Go out an visit places featured by local animation, or insight pace of dailylife

Eat as if you were living there, smelling authentic perfumes and tasting home-made cooking

Using the local way of transportation, even slow…

So, stick to local pace and living.

No big effort, just…slow down

Draw Me Trip authenticity

Lean trip demands nothing else than using sensorial faculties, no need of artificial stuffs. Through this way of traveling, you should have more time observing your environment , people around you, habits, cultures, dressing codes, relationships within families, couples, the role of women, have intuitive understanding of the eco-system where you moved into.

Flight to quality and keep time to live your journey, for true !

On holidays, far from one’s usual habits, sollicitating our 5 senses is an easy start for true experience and lean travel comes naturally, with no needs of non-essentials…except souvenirs or fragrances and spices, and pictures…

The risk with the opening senses while traveling is to have much sharper souvenirs and to feel like going back to the same destination the year after ! Woaw, there is worst risks in one life…



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